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Who we are!


Amanda Moore

Amanda has made a career out of getting young, hot technology companies together with the audiences they crave.  She graduated from Meredith College with a degree in mass communications and immediately started communicating with the masses as a white-collar technical recruiter. After a few months as part of a corporate machine, she was recruited by one of her startup clients into the exciting, roller coaster life of an early stage tech company, where she was dubbed 'Manager of People.' (She requested 'Queen of People,' but they didn't acquiesce.) Although the company didn't survive the first bubble, Amanda's love of the startup culture did.  


She continued as a high-tech recruiter with a focus on startups, using her one-of-a-kind blend of persistence, acumen, and Southern charm to identify and persuade the best and brightest talent to risk all and come work for her clients. With Amanda, it's not about filling a role on a job board but about finding a perfect fit. 


For Amanda, that same ability to identify the perfect needle in a moving (and sometimes burning) haystack and draw it out led naturally to Blooming Growth's expansion to inside sales. In this capacity, she and her team seek, find and deliver audiences made up of top decision makers across any industry. She has found and driven leads in e-commerce, networking, big data, storage, virtualization, cloud technologies, healthcare and more, all while founding and growing her own company and team. Her focus is knocking down doors for great new technologies and connecting them with the right audience. 


She resides in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. She may look like your average soccer mom, but secretly, she spends her time plotting world domination, while playing mom with one of the coolest kids on earth.  

Caroline Lytle

Sutton Moore

Caroline Hardy Lytle is a seasoned sales and recruiting expert with more than 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry. She specializes in introducing startups and their products to people who will find them relevant.

A business graduate of Meredith College, Caroline got her feet wet recruiting for IBM.


Nearly two decades later, she has refined her skill and talent for recruiting in the information technology and financial services spaces. Energized by the challenge of helping startups grow and succeed, she joined Blooming Growth in 2012 and has applied her extensive experience to achieve distinction as a top lead generation producer.


Caroline has also served as operations director and development coach for motivating employees to become top-performers. Today, she relies on these skills to create a healthy balance between her career and home life, which she shares with her husband Eric and their two young children. Her part-time endeavors include serving as referee, short order cook, and taxi driver – sometimes performing all three roles at once.


Sutton Moore graduated in May 2002 with her Bachelor of Business Administration from Meredith College. While working toward her degree, Sutton got her start in recruiting at a small physician placement firm. Since graduation she has worked in recruitment and has focused on technical recruiting for the last few years.


In addition to a busy professional life, Sutton also has a busy personal life.  Her greatest challenge and blessing is her toddler daughter.  She joined Blooming Growth in 2012 and loves the challenging work and the flexibility it provides for her and her family.

Lindsay Phillips

Lindsay graduated from Appalachian State University with a BA degree in Applied Communication.  She got her start working for a small niche recruiting firm doing permanent placement healthcare management recruiting.  After ten years, she was presented an opportunity to try something new, and joined Amanda’s team of cold calling soccer Mom’s.  Working with Amanda and her team has been a tremendous growth opportunity for Lindsay, pushing her to be more tenacious, adaptable, and confident.


 Like many mothers, Lindsay finds it hard to find a balance between her career and her family, and she has been fortunate to find companies that understand her desire to not only be successful at work, but also be present for her family.  It is not easy to find the perfect balance, but she feels blessed to have what she feels is the best of both worlds.

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