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Blooming Growth Resources provides inside sales and recruiting services to young technology companies in the startup arena. We work across all industries and positions within an organization, meaning we are trade and business unit agnostic. Contact us to set up a time to talk.

Inside Sales

We make cold calls to decision makers on behalf of our clients. Our clients tell us what industries they would like to talk to. We use LinkedIn to identify the right people. Then we use our paid subscriptions to Jigsaw and ZoomInfo to find phone numbers and email addresses.


We are relentless on the phone. Over 85 percent of our conversations result in an introduction meeting for our client.


Startups are in a unique situation when it comes to hiring. Average does not cut it, so neither do job boards. Culture fit is often as important as skill set.

We go after people who aren't really looking for a new job. Essentially, we
call them, convince them our client is the coolest company on the planet and deliver them to your doorstep, wrapped up and ready to work. 

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