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Bart Barlett, VP of Marketing:

I've hired Amanda's team on multiple occasions. Best inside sales team I've ever met and I've been managing inside sales departments for 14 years.



Amy Meyers, Sr. Enterprise Sales Manager. - ShopVisible:

Amanda and team have done an outstanding job in generating leads for ShopVisible. We have a highly complex product that is extremely hard to communicate to a potential prospect during the cold call. It is literally like selling a house over the phone.  For the last 2+ years Amanda's team has continually gotten qualified leads that have turned into sales from some of the top online retailers and brands in the country.  WE highly recommend her!

Dai Clegg, VP of Marketing - Acunu:

Amanda's team is probably the most effective cold callers I have ever worked with. Her flexibility  and pro-active attitude means I can switch & refine targets and still get great results and total visibility into my campaigns.

Tom Klein - CEO -
Digital Scientists

"What's one thing to know about Amanda? She's tenacious."

Mark Ventura, VP of HW and SW Engineering - Overture Networks:

Amanda is Passionate, Creative, Determined and very hard working, delivering lasting value in building YOUR Team!  Amanda understands the importance of both team culture and top notch skill set when recruiting. I've worked exclusively with Amanda on the toughest positions for over eight years and she has delivered top notch people that have proven to be among our top performers, our "go to" team, project after project.

Dr. Corey Booker, CEO - OnPulse

The team at Blooming Growth is amazing to work with. My experience with them is second to none. They do not need any hand holding what so ever. I tell them who I want to talk to and they make it happen like magic. I highly recommend working with them in a inside sales capacity and/or recruiting!

Phil DeSimone, VP of Sales - BuyStand

We came to Amanda and Caroline to help grow our e-commerce marketplace business. Not only were they able to get us quality meetings with executives from the worlds largest brands and retailers, but they pitched our business so well that there was little work for me to do to close them. They were a very important part of our sales team!!

Matt Squire, Distinguished Technologist, Strategist, & Entrepreneur - Paired Health

I've had the (dubious) pleasure of working with a large number of recruiters throughout the years. Amanda is, by far, the best technical recruiter with whom I have ever worked . We have had a number of specialized, difficult hires for which other, and sometimes much larger, recruiting firms have failed to produce, but for which Amanda has found excellent candidates very quickly. She not only produces high quality candidates quickly, she also filters non-qualified candidates extremely well. We've all worked with recruiters who throw resumes over the wall - that's not Amanda. She works to understand your detailed requirements and ensures you only spend time on people that can fill that role. And add to that that her rates are most often much better than other firms, and you not only get great results, you get incredible value. Can't say enough good things other than she's the first one I call when we have any technical openings.

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda while I was Director of Sales at ChannelAdvisor and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help filling sales positions. She has a great attitude and works extremely hard to get the job done. The thing that impressed me most about her was that she was able to get to know me and the qualities I was looking for very quickly. After a few weeks, it was like I had been working with her for years.

Rob Walter - Director of Sales ChannelAdvisor
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