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A list of our clients.


London, England

Acunu tackles the complexity and efficiency challenges posed by Big Data applications.  Acunu was founded in 2009 and is backed by some of Europe’s top VC funds. Started by a unique mix of researchers and engineers from Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Acunu has offices in London (near Old Street, London’s “Silicon Roundabout”) and California.

Durham, NC

Overture is the preferred provider of Carrier Ethernet solutions for the metro edge.

Known for innovative solutions that enable high-capacity Ethernet services over any media including fiber, copper and TDM, Overture has extended its commitment to innovation withEnsemble Open Service Architecture™ (Ensemble OSA). By leveraging Overture’s Carrier Ethernet expertise and this new open architecture for software-defined services, network operators and service providers worldwide can maximize operational efficiencies and introduce new revenue-generating services on a scale never before possible.

Atlanta, GA

ShopVisible delivers evolving commerce solutions for companies who are seeking better experiences and relationships with their customers enabled by agile, extensible, and seamless technology. For ShopVisible, commerce is more than a well-facilitated transaction; it's an entire ecosystem of people, processes and technologies coming together. Our on-demand SaaS ecommerce solution provides the innovation and adaptive structure to help companies and their communities thrive everywhere. We provide unified management of the entire ecommerce ecosystem with the flexibility and insight to meet even the most complex business needs.

Atlanta, GA

Mobile Innovation Company.

Morrisvile, NC

We’re all about increasing the visibility that drives sales. And reducing the complexity to achieve it. For more than a decade, ChannelAdvisor has set the global standard for e-commerce optimization by providing best-in-class technology, strategic services and thought leadership to help retailers master the complexity of connecting with consumers online.

Raleigh, NC 

Hospital readmissions (and their associated penalties from CMS) is certainly a hot-button topic that initially piques the most interest among our prospective clients when we meet with them. Yet they quickly discover we’re not there just to help them solve a “readmissions” problem; instead, we’re helping them solve a “patients-where-they-don’t-need-to-be” problem. 

San Francisco, CA

Facebook's launch partner for the Facebook Ad Exchange. Retargeting with dynamic creatives on Facebook Exchange delivers amazing results. Advertisers leveraging Triggit's technology and retargeting customers with rich, relevant dynamic creatives on Facebook Exchange saw over 2x CTRs vs static retargeted ads and saw amazing ROI.

Santa Clara, CA

ScaleIO ECS is a software-only solution that uses application hosts’ local disks to realize a virtual SAN that is comparable to or better than external SAN storage, but at a fraction of the cost and complexity. ECS makes a convergence of the storage and application layers possible, ending up with a wall-to-wall single layer of hosts. The lightweight software components of ECS are installed on the application hosts alongside applications like databases and hypervisors. 

Durham, NC

OnPulse is a health care communication and care coordination company that offers a secure network for providers to manage care efficiently for health care consumers. OnPulse allows providers to create multidisciplinary teams to provide enhanced primary care, using providers of all levels, to co-manage care and provide counseling and medication management. In a world that relies on accurate and timely health communication.

Mountain View, CA

Gridstore is the leader in optimized storage for Windows Servers and Hyper-V that accelerates application I/O. Unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all storage systems that result in wasted storage resources and compromised application performance, Gridstore uses patented Server-Side Virtual Contoller™ technology (SVCT) to deliver custom-fit storage that self-optimizes to each application or VM across both virtual and physical environments in mid-sized enterprises. By combining SVCT with a grid architecture, Gridstore delivers the first end-to-end storage QoS to ensure your most important App or VM performance is never compromised. Gridstore allows you to Pay-as-you-Scale to meet your specific needs and grows more powerful as it grows larger simply by adding storage nodes. 

Durham, NC

Bright Wolf's Arbor platform enables smarter actions by connecting machines, people and organizations. Bright Wolf offers three distinct implementations of the Arbor platform (Machine, On-Site, and Enterprise/Cloud), designed and optimized for the unique characteristics of each operating environment. Bright Wolf offers a range of services options to assist clients, including training, development services and support.

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