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Blooming Growth Resources is an inside sales, marketing and recruiting machine, servicing some of the coolest technology startups in the United States, Canada and Europe.


We are cold calling soccer moms, and we have an uncanny ability to get in touch with anyone, pitch our clients' offering, and pique the interest of decision makers at some of the largest companies on the planet.


Cold calling is an art. Most people fail miserably. The ones who do succeed are not happy making cold calls for the rest of their lives. We are masters at cold calling -- and we actually love it! That makes us a rare breed.  


Outsourcing inside sales or recruiting lowers operating costs for start ups and allows you to concentrate on the cornerstone of your business -– building products and closing deals. We deliver warm prospects. You take it from there.


Our clients see us not as vendors but as an integral part of their team. Here's how it often works: you give us information about your targets and goals (including any of the people you want to talk to). And, for branding purposes, you set us up with a company email address. We do the rest, spreading your message with enthusiasm and knowledge matched only by your core team.


Our bottom line? We impact your bottom line in big ways. We're your advocates and cheerleaders. At the end of the day, we believe you're the next big thing, and there's nothing more exciting than that.

What we do


Contact us to learn more and set up a time to talk.

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